Rtn. Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman


Deputy Executive Director - 2

+88 01713377022

Shah Alam Md. Nazmul Kabir



• Rtn. Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman is a prominent public health expert and leader in Bangladesh, who currently serves as the Chief of Health Sector of TMSS, a large NGO that provides various services to the poor and marginalized communities in the country.

• He has a rich academic background, with degrees in medicine, public health, and social sciences from reputed institutions. He also has extensive experience in attending and presenting at national and international conferences and seminars on various topics related to health, development, and social issues.

• He is a member of several professional societies and clubs, and has received numerous awards and recognitions for his contributions to the field of biotechnology and public health.


• Rtn. Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman completed his MBBS degree from Dinajpur Medical College under the University of Rajshahi in 2002. He then pursued his MPH degree from Edward University in 2006, and his PhD degree from the Institute of Bangladesh Studies under the University of Rajshahi in 2013.


• He has also participated in various training programs and workshops on topics such as biotechnology, microfinance, drug prevention, disaster management, peace and value education, reproductive health, nutrition, and Covid-19.

• He has been a keynote speaker at several international conferences, such as the 5th International Conference on Child Right & Sight at Yale University, USA, and the International Conference on Peace & Value Education in Global Perspective at Guru Gobind Sing Indraprastha University, India.

• He has also presented papers on various aspects of biotechnology and public health, such as providing quality primary health care to the microfinance borrowers and poor rural people, contraceptive practice among the RMG workers of Bangladesh, heavy metal burden in Bangladesh, proper nutrition and diet during Covid-19 pandemic, personal health safety and security of media workers during Covid-19, Covid-19 vaccine, and Covid and post-Covid health risk of the journalists.

• Rtn. Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman joined TMSS in 2004 as a medical officer and since then he has risen through the ranks to become the Chief of Health Sector in 2016. He is also the Deputy Executive Director-2 of TMSS since 2016.

• He oversees the whole activities of the Health Sector and Foundation Office of TMSS, which include managing and implementing various health-related projects and programs, such as primary health care, maternal and child health, family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention, eye care, dental care, telemedicine, health education, and research.

• He also leads the biotechnology initiatives of TMSS, which involve applying biotechnology to improve the health and livelihood of the poor and marginalized people, such as developing and producing low-cost diagnostic kits, vaccines, and medicines, using biotechnology to enhance agricultural productivity and food security, and promoting biotechnology education and awareness among the masses.

• He is also involved in the strategic planning and policy making of TMSS, and represents the organization in various national and international forums and networks.

• Rtn. Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman has made significant contributions to the field of biotechnology and public health, both in terms of research and practice. He has published several papers and articles in reputed journals and magazines, and has authored and co-authored several books and reports on biotechnology and public health issues.

• He has also received several awards and honors for his achievements and excellence, such as the Rotary International Award for Vocational Service, the TMSS Gold Medal for Outstanding Performance, the BIRTAN Award for Best Paper Presentation, the Article-19 Award for Media Health Advocacy, and the Roktima Award for Covid-19 Vaccine Research.

• He is also a recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, which enabled him to pursue his PhD studies in the USA.

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