The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been emerged as global health crisis in recent time. Since emergence it continues to take a massive toll on human health along with so many parts of life. Considering the COVID-19 alarming situation, TMSS being a Non-Profit Organization in Bangladesh has taken the following initiatives so far to support the National Response Plan of the Government of Bangladesh in its fight against COVID-19 outbreak:

Field Level Activity

  • Organized training for field based Medical assistants/Paramedics and Health Workers of TMSS Health Clinics on COVID-19 disease infection prevention tocreate awareness among the beneficiaries and communities as well as to provide information for treatment and counseling to people.
  • Prepared IEC materials (printed leaflet, poster, sticker and banner) for distribution within the community for awareness raising and announcement made for maintain home quarantine & social distance.

Leaflet distribution by Medical Assistant/Paramedics and Health Worker

Announcement for home quarantining and social distancing
  • TMSS Staffs, Members of TMSS microfinance program and Volunteers are also working to motivate community people in maintaining home quarantine, social distancing, wearing mask and washing hands in order to ensure personal safety and to prevent community transmission of COVID-19.

Hospital Level Activity

  • Arranged separate entrance- exit, separate OPD for patients with fever cough sore throat, established Respiratory Unit in Medicine Ward and ensured other services are opened at 750 Bed TMSS Medical College and Hospital.
Separate entrance- exit in hospital.
Separate OPD for fever, cough, sore throat.
Patient examine at OPD.
Patient examine at Respiratory ward.
  • Launched exclusive Hand Wash Corners at all entrance point of TMSS offices, hospitals/ sub clinics and Liquid Disinfectant is being sprayed in surrounding areas of TMSS office and hospital premises on regular basis.
Hand washing.
Disinfectant liquid spraying actions.
Disinfectant liquid spraying actions.
  • Established IT supported 20 Bed Isolation Ward, 2 Beds ICU and Quarantine Centre with 36 Bed facilities in Bogura Sadar and Shajahanpur Upazila.
Isolation Ward
Quarantine Center
Quarantine Center
  • Assigned 200 Medical Professionals (doctors & nurses) of TMSS Hospital has been given proper orientation, training for management of suspected COVID-19 patients and Isolation Ward under the purview of government instructed treatment protocol and patient referral system.
  • Making of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) & Mask by TMSS Handicrafts and collects PPE, Gloves, Goggles and Sanitizers from other sources for the Medical Professionals of TMSS for providing medical treatment.
PPE production by TMSS Handicrafts
Mask production by TMSS Handicrafts
PPE distribution to own Medical Professionals
  • TMSS Mobile Health Service Medical Team maintaining proper protection provides treatment to the patients to the Sub-centre of TMSS in the community with chronic diseases referred by Medical Assistant of TMSS.
  • RT PCR Lab Setup.
TMSS Mobile Medical Team
TMSS Mobile Medical Team
Patient examine by TMSS Mobile Medical Team
  • TMSS Health Service Medical Team also provides on call Home Care Service to the patients with chronic diseases not able to come to the hospital for routine checkup.
  • Ensured 24 hours Pharmacy and Ambulance service for patients and Accommodation with Food & Transportation facilities for Doctors and other Medical Professionals.
  • Introduced online reporting cell for providing information of cough, fever patients as per District Civil Surgeon Office prescribed format.
  • Introduced hotline number (01711436508, 01730017142) of 750 Bed TMSS Hospital for providing health service assistance.

Organization Level Activity

  • TMSS has formed Overall Management Committee, assigned Focal Person for ensuring overall management of COVID-19 prevention activities as well as maintaining effective communication and coordination with respective Civil Surgeon Office, IEDCR- Dhaka and other public-private offices, health institutions.
  • Prepared Guideline for operating and management of Isolation Ward in line with WHO/ GoB approved instructions.
  • All Education Institutes of TMSS have been closed down and Examinations are held up as per Govt. announcement, student hostels are made vacant and all local and international students are sent back to their home safely. However, online class arrangement has been introduced for the students’ regular basis.
  • All staffs other than Health services in responding to the COVID-19 crisis has been given instruction to stay at home and work online.
  • TMSS has opened Manobota Store (Humanitarian Store for Relief distribution) at TMSS Foundation Office premises, Bogura for providing various food items to the distressed people at free of cost.
TMSS Manobota Store (Humanitarian Store for Relief Distribution)
TMSS Manobota Store (Humanitarian Store for Relief Distribution)
  • Since onset of COVID-19 outbreak, several office circulars have been issued by TMSS authority addressing all staff, teachers, medical professionals and beneficiaries of TMSS for maintaining instructions for health hygiene and office protocol to ensure self, familial and societal safety.
  • All staff throughout the country have been instructed to do all kinds of work maintaining close relation with the local administration.
  • TMSS urges to its staff, affluent and conscientious people of the society contributing to the charity work to mitigate the sufferings of the country’s distressed and jobless people during COVID-19 crisis.