IT, which stands for Information Technology, is a broad field that encompasses the management, development, and use of technology to store, transmit, and retrieve information. It involves the utilization of computer systems, software, networks, and telecommunications to solve various business and organizational challenges.

The primary goal of IT is to facilitate the efficient management and communication of information within an organization. This involves tasks such as data storage, data processing, data analysis, network management, software development, system administration, cybersecurity, and technical support.


  • Infrastructure Setup and Management: IT professionals are responsible for setting up and maintaining the hardware and software infrastructure of an organization. This includes installing and configuring servers, computers, network equipment, and operating systems.

  • Software Development and Maintenance: IT teams develop and maintain software applications to meet the specific needs of an organization. This involves designing, coding, testing, and deploying software solutions. They also ensure that software systems are updated and patched regularly.
  • Network Management: IT professionals manage and maintain the organization’s computer networks, including LANs, WANs, and the Internet. They configure network devices, monitor network performance, troubleshoot connectivity issues, and ensure network security.
  • Data Management: IT teams handle the storage, organization, and security of data within an organization. They set up and maintain databases, implement backup and recovery procedures, and ensure data integrity and privacy.
  • Technical Support: IT professionals provide technical assistance and support to users within the organization. They help troubleshoot hardware and software issues, assist with software installations and updates, and resolve network connectivity problems.
  • IT Project Management: IT professionals manage and oversee IT projects, ensuring that they are delivered on time, within budget, and meet the organization’s requirements. This involves planning, coordinating resources, monitoring progress, and communicating with stakeholders.


Md. Ibrahim Khalil

Chief IT Officer

Sazid Hasan

System Admin

Md. Mahedi Hasan

Sr. Support Engineer

Md. Mahmud Hussain

Support Engineer

Nazmus Sakib

IT Technician

Md. Sagor Sheikh

CCTV Operator

Md. Sojib Ahmed

CCTV Operator

Md. Mehedi Hasan

CCTV Operator

Contact Person

Md. Ibrahim Khalil

Chief IT Officer