Medical Education is another significant domain of TMSS Health Sector formed in 2016. Its goal is to create a group of efficient health professionals through imparting quality education & training to the students, nurses, paramedics who are in turn supposed to reach the people who need medical services & care both in urban & rural areas. The domain is now well defined and well decorated with its existing and expanding infrastructural, logistic and humanistic facilities, through which a wide range of medical services are ensured. This scope is getting wider and wider-which is surely the approval and appreciation of the people.

  • To ensure effective and smooth management of all the academic activities of the institutes running under medical education
  • To build skilled and efficient health workforce.
  • To play a significant role in expanding medical education across the country.

Staff Information Medical Education Domain

Prof. Dr. Md. Anup Rahman Chowdhury
Prof. Dr. Md. Anup Rahman ChowdhuryDomain Head, THS
Md. Rafiqul Islam
Md. Rafiqul IslamAdminstrative Officer, THS

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Institutes under Medical Education Domain

  1. TMSS Medical College (TMC), Bogura.
  2. TMSS Medical College Dental Unit (TMCDU), Bogura.
  3. TMSS Nursing College (TNC), Bogura.
  4. TMSS Medical Institute of Research & Technology (TMIRT), Bogura.
  5. TMSS Medical Assistant Training School (TMATS), Bogura.
  6. TMSS Medical Technology Institute (TMTI), Bogura.
  7. TMSS Community Paramedic Institute (TCPI), Bogura.
  8. Mahastan Medical Assistant Training School (MMATS), Bogura.
  9. Rangpur Community Paramedic Institute (RCPI), Rangpur.
  10. Morning Sun Medical Assistant Training School (MSMATS), Rangpur.
  11. Fortune Institute of Medical Technology & MATS (FIMTM), Dhaka.