TMSS started a new Medical Educational Institute named Morning Sun Medical Assistant Training School in Rangpur district in 2014. This Institute is approved by the GOB Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and affiliated with State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh. Intention behind MSMATS has been to develop students as skilled and qualified Medical Assistants through providing quality medical education so that the shortcomings of health care service can be reduced and the rural poor living in greater Rangpur district, even in remote rural areas, can find cost-effective medical treatment at door-steps. The duration of Medical Assistant Training School course is 4 years (3 year+ 1 Year internship) years and total capacity of this institute is 25 students per batch.


To produce qualified and skilled Medical Assistants to provide health care service.


  • To achieve the vision and mission of Medical Assistant Training School.
  •  To provide proper knowledge and skill to the Medical Assistants to serve the patients.
  • To provide responsible and competent Medical Assistants for their accountability for performing activities towards the patients of different cultures.
  • To create medical staff as practicing doctors to serve the ailing patients especially in the rural areas.
  • To provide support services to the serving doctors in providing treatment to the patients.
  • To get rid of the mal-treatment of the rural people through providing qualified and skilled medical assistant.
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