Project Description

Target beneficiaries

  • Local educated but unemployed youths from rural areas with lack of employment opportunity will be willing to undergo skill training and set up their own optical service center.
  • Northern part of Bangladesh is one of the most neglected region in the country. Rural population from this region has additional deprivation to access to eye services.

Objective of Project:

Following objectives shall be achieved within this one year project:

  1. To train 180 educated unemployed youth from rural and undeserved areas of Bogra and allied districts for building as Opticians.
  2. To raise awareness of the poor and underprivileged community with visual abnormalities and it’s measures.
  3. To create demand for using spectacles in problems with refractive errors.
  4. Assistance to establish a strong structure/framework for making spectacles available in rural areas


Unmet demand:

Uncorrected refractive errors affect persons of all ages and ethnic groups, are the main cause of vision impairment.

Refractive errors affect a large proportion of the population worldwide, irrespective of age, sex and ethnic group and are the main cause of vision impairment. They may result in dropping out from education, deprived of employment opportunities, lower productivity and impaired quality of life. Such refractive errors can be easily diagnosed, measured and corrected with spectacles or other refractive corrections to attain normal vision. According to Bangladesh Blindness Profile over 6 million need vision correction by spectacles or other means. But unfortunately, most of the people are unaware about their visual problem and also there are inadequate physicians and optical stores to address these problems. Specialized Ophthalmologist are only available at district levels and also same with the spectacle dispensing stores. Furthermore these peoples cannot afford to spend a day’s travel to the nearest district towns and buy a pair of mainstream spectacles.

Misconception and social taboos regarding use of spectacles is another problem. Simple optometry does not need specialized ophthalmologists. Also the scenario in Bangladesh is that the untrained spectacle shop keepers serve to correct the refractive errors which is often full of technical errors. This project, through the trained Opticians, will serve the underserved community in a methodical and correct way.

Bangladesh has huge population suffering from uncorrected refractive errors. In rural Bangladesh, due to lack of awareness about visual impairment and lack of adequate eye care services, a good number of people suffer from uncorrected refractive errors. In most situations, one can expect about 20 per cent of the population in total to require refraction services. TMC&RCH will have a big enough potential market to make it economically viable.

Project Details

Of the Particular Project

Sustainable Vision Care for the Underserved Communities and Livelihood Opportunity for Educated Unemployed Youth in Northern Bangladesh.

Project start date- 03/2018

Project end date-  04/2019