Project Description

TMSS Health Sector has been implementing “Smile Train RCH cleft Project” through Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) since 01 July, 2010 with an aim of bringing back normal life of poor cleft lip or palate patients through reconstructive surgery and their peaceful rehabilitation in the society. To fulfill the project aim and objectives, Rafatullah Community Hospital has been arranging and providing totally free of cost reconstructive surgeries to the poor children and patients born with cleft lip or palate and successfully kept continued its educational programs in the field of reconstructive surgeries for medical specialists by the financial, technical and other supports of Smile Train, an internationally renowned organization based in NewYork, USA. For successful implementation of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th phase project activities, the Smile Train Inc., USA has renewed its agreement for the implementation of the 5th phase project activities by TMSS for the period of 01, January 2017 to December 31, 2019.

Objectives, Goals, Implementing methods, strategies and Expected output of the project:

Goal: Provision of medical service and assistance to the Children and Patients born with Cleft lip and Palates, especially targeting the poor community.


  • To assist and support the poor Children born with cleft lip and palate
  • To harbor positive approach and sympathetic mind-set  in dealing with persons with physical disability
  • To help the disabled people live in society like able-bodied persons
  • To boost up human resources development, rural employment generation and agricultural resources development

Implementing Methods

  • Participatory Project Implementation Approach.
  • Interdisciplinary Team Approach.
  • Learning by doing skill development approach.

Implementing Strategies

  • Information dissemination to the patients through advertisement in print media and through different promotional activities in the project area.
  • Patient’s admission into the hospital.
  • Conduct surgical operation through expert operation team at free of cost.
  • Provide post operative care at free of cost.
  • Compliance to Smile Train’s safety and Quality Improvement Protocol.

Exected Outputs

  • Cleft lip & palate patients are cured and they are leading a normal life in the society.
  • Target people are able to get rid of the curse of physical disability.
  • Physical appearances of patients are increased after surgery and patients, especially child patients are getting opportunity to mix with others freely in their community.
  • Positive role is played for human resource development.
  • Positive impacts on health services are created.

Major Activity of the project

Impact of the project that includes positive changes on Beneficiaries as well as challenges in reaching the optimum outcome of the project:

Reflected on life of common people as well as environment in the Project area?

  • Professional capabilities of RCH Medical Specialists particularly on Reconstructive Surgeries has build up confidence among the community people and they consider RCH now a day as their “First Line Choice” for cleft lip and palate operation and treatment.
  • Superstitions among the local people regarding cleft lip and palate have been removed because of this project.
  • The obstacles to the cleft lip and palate syndrome are gradually waning out; as a result, social environment about this handicap is quite positive on the basis of social acceptance.
  • Their physical up-gradation will add to human resources development.

Total employees of TMSS engaged in the program Project (Distinguishing designation

There are 6 (six) staffs are assined in this project of which Project Coordinator-01, Medical Officer-01, Marketing Officer-01, Accounts Officer-01, Senior Nurse-01 and Assistant Nurse-0. Moreover, an expert project surgical team comprised of 10 doctors including Project Director (Chief Surgeon) comes from Dhaka for operating surgical cases of the patients.

Briefly point out remarkable observation/comments/recommendations regarding ongoing or completed project:

This project has been playing an important role to eradicate social discrimination. As it is bringing back the beneficiaries to the normal life the number of school going students is increasing as well as discrimination in education sector for the handicaps is reduces. For that reason the rate of literacy is increasing and the beneficiaries are being rehabilitated socially.

Project Details

Of the Particular Project

Smile Train Inc., USA

Project Starting and ending date

Already started :     01/07/2010

Will be ended :      31/12/2019

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