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The Department of Research Planning and Development of TMSS Health Sector is charged primarily with the planning and coordination of Health Sectors activities overall, including research and programs. The department is also responsible for promoting inter-sectoral partnerships and cooperation among all projects and programs of TMSS Health sector.

The Research activities of RP&D includes –

  • Preparing research protocol for future research projects.
  • Conducting and supervising ongoing research projects.
  • Conducting feasibility study for new projects/ventures.
  • Conducting periodic survey of quality and process activities of the ongoing projects.
  • Monitoring the research works and projects of the TMSS Health Sector.
  • Preparing different reporting system.
  • Preparing and submitting summary of the reports to DED-2.
  • Communicating with foreign and natives organization in regards to research activities.
  • Collaborative Research work with other national and international organizations.
  • Evaluating THS activities.
Completed Projects
On-going Projects
Future Projects

Planning Activities of RP&D are :

  • To prepare strategic planning for the health sector.
  • To help all programs and projects in their yearly planning activities.
  • To conduct periodic evaluation on progress of the Strategic Plan Activities.

Developmental Activities of RP&D :

  • Assessing the need of the training of the doctors, nurses and technologists.
  • Arranging and conducting skills development training workshops for the physicians, nurses and technologists of TMSS Health sector.
  • Arranging special training programs for the development of the managerial skills of the staffs.
  • Providing specialized training workshops for the physicians and nurses of the other organizations.
  • Preparing curriculum and modules for skill development.
  • Reviewing the existing policies, rules and practice of TMSS Health sector and provide recommendation if necessary.
  • Arranging regular seminars and medical camps by the renowned national and international physicians.
  • Communicating and making liaison with Donors, International Agencies, Institutes.
  • Preparing and formulating PP, CP and EOI etc.




Prof. Dr. Moudud Hossain Alamgir

Executive Adviser
Research, Planning & Development, THS

Mobile: +8801711869325

E-mail: pavalbogra@gmail.com

Dr. Mohammad Mahbub-ur Rahim

Coordinator (RP&D) THS & Chief of
Innovative Cell, THS

Mobile: +8801711330834

E-mail: dr.mahbub.rahim@gmail.com

Md. Rahidul Islam Nirob


Research and Planning Officer
Research, Planning & Development, THS


Mobile: +8801737712000

E-mail: rahidul93.ru@gmail.com

Dr. Mohammad Mahbub-ur-Rahim

Research, Planning & Development & Chief of
Innovative Cell, THS

Mobile: +8801711330834
Email: dr.mahbub.rahim@gmail.com

E-mail: dr.mahbub.rahim@gmail.com

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