Over a decade ago, TMSS FatematuzZohora (RA:) Hospital was known as Karimpur Community Development Foundation, came into existence in 2011. Since then it was in operation keeping in view its cherished goal of providing low-cost healthcare services to the ailing people of the area. Later on, the charge of delivering healthcare services of the centre was took over by FatematuzZohora (RA:) Health Care Trust in 1st March, 2015 due to the limitation of fund support by the donor authority of Karimpur Community Development Foundation. Over time, FatematuzZohora (RA:) Health Care Center (FZHCC) Trust faced abounding troublesome situation to run the centre and certainly started exploring a trustworthy organization in order to sustain the continuation of the health service delivery. Consequently therefore, FZHCC Trust with all of its assets has been handed over to TMSS (one of the largest NGOs in Bangladesh) in 11June, 2020 through the donation made by the NGO. Now, the centre is emerged as 10 Bed TMSS FatematuzZohora (RA:) Hospital and commenced its journey towards providing quality health care to the disadvantaged people at an affordable price. 


  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Specialist medical services
  • Dental Unit


Md. Zainal Abedin


Dr. G.K.M Safayeat Hossain

Residential Medical Officer

Dr. Shalsabil Binty Islam

Medical Officer

Dr. Md. Nazmus Sakib

Medical Officer

Dr. Md. Masudor Rahman

Medical Officer

Dr. Mst. Moon Moon Jahan Sarkar

Dental Surgeon

Moniram Roy

Lab Technologist

Md. Laon Islam

Lab Technologist

Mst. Taslima Akter

Staff Nurse

Md. Rubel Razzak

Dental Technologist

Aonimesh Chandra Roy

Medical Technologist(R&I)

Md.Abu Sayed

Medical Record keeper(BM

Contact Person

Md. Zainal Abedin